About Kirkesøk

06/07/2011 02:19 pm

Kirkesøk.no presents church buildings belonging to the Church of Norway. "KA Kirkelig arbeidsgiver- og interesseorganisasjon", or Church of Norway Employers' Association is responsible for the web site and underlying database. The property database and web sites are funded by the Ministry of Government Administration, Reform and Church Affairs as part of KAs work to support and enforce professional and responsible maintenance of Norwegian church buildings.

The aim of the web site is to present Norwegian church buildings in all their geographic, historical and architectural variety, from 11th century stone churches, the wooden 12th century stave churches, via the classical 19th century white wooden parish churches and to experimental contemporary architecture.

Important target groups are travelling visitors, students/pupils and the general public, and an important aim is to spread awareness of the cultural heritage represented by and embodied in traditional Christian places of worship in Norway.

The site presents exterior and interior images as well as key information on each individual building, altogether over 1600 buildings. Information is fed via web services from a joint property database maintained by the local church councils, more precisely termed joint parish councils ("fellesråd") and other church owners/maintainers within the Norwegian church. Information like number of seats, accessibility information, opening hours and services to the public is maintained locally. Articles about historical eras etc are edited by KA.

The site was created in cooperation with the Church of Norway National Council and incorporates information on road churches (marked by road signs) and open churches.